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Zrlutions™ Starter Set (ZRSS)

Zrlutions™ Starter Set (ZRSS)

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The Zrlutions™ Starter Set (ZRSS) is THE one stop clinical SOLUTION you've been searching for to contour, shape, polish or remove high-strength ceramic restorations.  Each set includes the following:

  • Two filled & customized stainless steel intro kits, with instruments held securely in place by rubber inserts.
  • 11 packs of FG ZD-diamonds, specifically selected for their ideal configuration for reworking high-strength ceramics.
  • One pack per grit of each diamond infused silicone polishing point.  (Coarse/Medium/Fine)
  • Your choice of right-angle latch polishing points or FG polishing points.  Select at check out.
  • An organization container to hold overstock, cotton pliers for easy access to overstock, and each container is QR code enabled to help access reordering specific to your practice. 

This set is made to order and typically ships within 7-8 working days.  

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