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TorNano PrepFinishPolish BloQ™ TNPFP.QBC

TorNano PrepFinishPolish BloQ™ TNPFP.QBC

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  • 330 prep diamond & AmaBlaster™ (+ diamond refills)
  • Three 12-bladed finishers in aluminum BloQ™
  • Two-step diamond impregnated polishers, two shapes

This could be our favorite kit yet!  From it's sleek finish to its innovative features, the TNPFP by DentPS is the composite finishing and polishing set you've been searching for. The German two-step polishers, coincidentally in DentPS colors, combines with our world-class finishing carbides and prep diamonds.  Make this your go-to to get the results you seek and your patients desire restoration after restoration!  Item #TNPFP.QBC

Alter working pressure to achieve results, best results are achieved in sequence and please note- other shapes/configurations are available in the entire product range.  Call or email us to learn more at 844.4DentPS or sales