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HSC (High-Strength Ceramic) Chamfer Prep Essentials

HSC (High-Strength Ceramic) Chamfer Prep Essentials

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The HSC Chamfer Prep Essentials Stainless Steel Kit contains everything your team needs to deliver world-class prep results to your lab so they can deliver to you restorations everyone will be thrilled with. 

The following items are held securely by silicone inserts and are listed, left to right:

  • Needle chamfer GD856/014C, gold with green stripe for breaking contact. Two pieces.
  • Chamfer D856/018SC 
    (green stripe) & F (red stripe) for axial reduction and refinement.  Two pieces each.
  • Chamfer D856/016SC (black stripe) for axial reduction. Two pieces each.
  • Football/egg D379SC (black stripe) & D379F (red stripe) for occlusal reduction and finishing.  Two pieces each.
  • TM1558, gold transmetal carbide. One piece included.
  • ZD881/014M, zirconia/lithium disilicate removal (double white stripe).  One piece included.

All items diamonds listed are available for reorder in packs of 5 and the carbide is sold in packs of 10.  Call/text us at 844.4DentPS to reorder or order online.