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Green State Contouring & Polishing Essentials™

Green State Contouring & Polishing Essentials™

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The Green State Contouring Essentials™ series contains the perfect range of contouring and polishing instruments designed for pre-sintered/green state zirconia.  The gray working part is used for reduction while the ultra-fine white is used for final polishing.  Select your preferred items or select the intro kit to find the optimal instruments for you.

  • GSZ164 Dual purpose instrument, gray for larger surface reduction/adjustment, and white for polishing.
  • GSZ560 Dual purpose instrument, medium contouring of larger surfaces plus slim white tip for detailed polishing.  
  • GSZ111 Contour point, medium grit for material reduction.
  • GSZ176 Adjusting cone, flat end.  Medium grit for reducing efficiently while leaving a nice finish.  
  • GSZ115 Contouring bullet, medium grit.
  • GSZ146 This belongs on every bench.  Knife Edge for contouring inter-proximal areas without chipping.
  • GSZ106 Ultra fine white point for polishing.  An absolute fan favorite.

Speed and size indicated on image, select shape/s as desired.  Note, each item is sold in packs and the assortment is available as a kit.