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Chairside Removables BloQ™

Chairside Removables BloQ™

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The Chairside Removables BloQ™:

  • Zirconium football shape for hard acyrlics like dentures, cone for soft relines and flexible materials
  • M/F/UF buffs and a high-shine polisher + set of buff refills
  • Housed in aluminum BloQ™

Reprocessing all forms of hard or soft acrylics is where these products shine best!  The heat resistant zirconium headed white burs are perfect for these materials because clogging is kept to a minimum plus they have an extra long service life especially when compared to conventional tungsten carbides.  Zirconium blades will not degrade in sterilization whilst their carbide counterparts will.  

Best results are achieved when utilizing the buffs and polisher in sequence and please note- other shapes/configurations are available in the entire product range.  Call or email us to learn more at 844.4DentPS or