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SureFit™ Features

Our SureFit™ high performance stainless steel bur blocks are the instrument storage blocks you've been looking for.  Streamline your organization and procedural set up protocols-save time and money on laser marking without having to order more blocks than you want.


They feature:

  • Innovative silicone plugs which hold your instruments securely in place for sterilization, storage, and for use at chairside or in the lab.  Say good bye to the frustrating mess caused by burs and polishers accidentally falling out of your storage device.
  • Each plug in this block will hold your choice of shank- RA, FG, FGSS, & most FGSL/RASL.
  • Surgical grade stainless steel that maintains their classical finish even through repeated sterilizations over the years- it's time to upgrade those faded and worn appearing blocks/holders you have now! Don't let your old blocks tarnish your image in the eyes of your customers.
  • The cover can be rotated to offer your instruments flat or at an angle.
  • Fully customizable laser marking of covers at no additional charge (through 12/31/2016) and always no minimum order quantities- indicate the procedure, personalize with the clinician name, technician name, or even operatory info.  You create the text, we mark it and deliver to you within your desired time frame.  Impress and surprise the boss with custom text-for free! 
  • All blocks come standard in four colors: Blue, Green, Red or Yellow.  Other colors sold separately.
  • SureFit™ stainless steel blocks can be used with all known decontamination products, ultrasonic baths, thermo disinfectors, chemiclaves and autoclaves.

  Choose your block configuration, plug color and add your text today.