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Bur Blocks for Change: A DentPS™ Exclusive

Leave your mark through our profitable fundraising program that turns selling and advertising our bur blocks and our other customizable products into a profitable revenue stream for your nonprofit group, chapter or association.  Up to 10% of proceeds or 30% of profit, whichever is greater, are available based on volume and other metrics.


Instruments not included

 (Credit @miamidentist4u, instruments not included)

Each product sold:

  • Can be customized (by your association or the end user) with up to two lines of text per product ordered, in addition to your associations' logo (if applicable)!  Prior to campaign launch, we'll help determine what customizations will occur.
  • Includes shipping and marking at no extra fees.
  • Contributes to your association and its mission, delivering a world-class product that will thrill end users.  Stainless steel blocks for example, feature a virtually spill-proof design & can have numerous insert color options.
  • Use as graduation gifts, promotional tools, as stand-alone merchandise, marketing swag and more.          

    View current general fundraising page.  ADEA, SNDA, ASDA, JDRF, & JDRF marks are the property of their respective owners.  We are not affiliated with them, instead we voluntarily donate a portion of our proceeds to them based on our customers selection at time of purchase.


    You will earn:

    • Immediate or goal based payouts. 
    • A long term partner in DentPS™ that's committed to your organization and to doing our part to make a difference.
    • Improved organizational recognition and awareness resulting from product usage within the dental community.
    • A fundraising stream that can be administered on an; annual, semi-annual, goal based, around the clock basis, etc.  We'll help you tailor the appropriate program for you depending on your goals. 

    Your members will receive:

    • A custom fundraising page for your association and members.  Invite members to start selling for you through the fundraiser admin screen.
    • The DentPS™ fundraising e-tool kit which includes a link to your association fundraising page and info for invited members, printable fliers, predesigned letters targeted to potential supporters of your fundraiser, order forms that can be emailed to us, social media tools, texting message templates, and an email template to help market your campaign and to inform your potential supporters of your fundraising efforts.

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